2023 DFX Competition Team

DFX has been competing since the day we opened our doors back in 1999. Hard work, determination and perseverence have taken our team to the top for many years. We may be small, but we are mighty. Every year our Competition Team earns high honors often overall high point winners, at various regional and national events. DFX students have held many different Titles such as, Miss Petite, Miss Junior and Miss Dance USA, Mr. Junior and Mr. Teen Bravo. Scholarships to Hollywood Summer Tour, Dance America VIP Summer Tour, LA DanceMagic Company and so much more have been awarded throughout the years DFX has been competing. Competition Team is an opportunity for our students to learn the importance of cooperative learning, teamwork, discipline and maximum effort in all that we do. Memories that will last a lifetime. Team sleepovers, fundraising, community performances, team bonding and so much more make being our on team such a rewarding experience.