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Fall Classes begin in September each year. But enrollment is open year round. 

At Dance FX we provide comprehensive, standards-based dance curriculum—one that develops the whole child, engages students in developmentally appropriate learning experiences, and makes dance fun and exciting for every student. Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and engage in the classroom experiences and activities.

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We begin ballet classes at the tender age of 3, introducing it through creative movement and along with tap dancing, in the form of a traditional combination class.  As students’ progress, we provide strong classical techniques stressing proper body alignment, center combinations, correct placement and terminology. Ballet is a focal point in the traditional combination class that is offered for students ranging from age 3 to 12. As students progress and grow older lyrical dance is introduced and very popular with pre-teens and teens alike.   

Ballet is a total body exercise and the foundation of all dance. 

Tap is different rhythms produced by making sounds with your feet. Tap classes include tap barre, movement across the floor and center floor combination. Tap terminology is introduced at a young age. Our advanced dancers continue working on intricate rhythms and various styles of movement. Tap is a fun and unique way to work with coordination, timing and style, as well as rhythm and dance. Tap is also a wonderful compliment to hip hop and jazz dancing.

We believe at Dance FX, in creating the “Total Dancer.” It is important to us that our students gain as much of a dance experience as possible while enrolled at DFX. We hope to provide the experience is as many forms and styles as possible so our students can confidently continue their dancing into their adult lives. Combination classes are typically Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Tap/Jazz classes. Hip Hop, Pom and Acro are additional classes elementary-high school students may choose to add to their schedule.

At Dance FX we have a nice balance in our jazz program by offering many different styles. We focus on Classical Jazz technique and add Funk, Hip-Hop, Broadway, Urban and the occasional flare of the newest trends. We choose to focus on the muscle development, flexibility, athleticism, endurance and control aspect of a jazz technician. Jazz is highly recommended for those wishing to enroll in hip hop. Students enrolling in Beg. Level 2 or higher Jazz class are required to be enrolled in the appropriate ballet or technique class as well, unless otherwise approved by the director.

This is the perfect introduction for young children to the wonderful world of dance! A combination class of creative movement and tumbling, wiggling and of course, giggling. Young dancers will learn to take turns, learn directions, count, and learn many basic dance fundamentals. In a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, we make dancing fun and encourage learning while maintaining discipline. This class will perform one routine in the recital.

  • Requires Revolution Ballet Shoes.

Primary 1 introduces both tap and ballet dancing to the young dancer through fun and creative lessons using imagination, props, and movement exploration. Young students learn proper classroom etiquette and develop social skills, as well as work toward mastery of basic locomotor skills in a fun, yet disciplined environment. This is a combination class that will perform two dances in the recital.

Primary 2 is for dancers entering Kindergarten, first year 1st graders, or those younger with at least one year of dance experience. Class time will be split between the styles of ballet, tap and jazz dance and focus on the beginnings of developing proper technique and habits important for progression. It is our goal to foster a love for dance while also emphasizing the demands and discipline necessary for being a dancer. This combination class will perform 3 numbers in the recital. 

* Requires Revolution Ballet Shoes & Revolution Tan Buckle Tap Shoes.

It is our goal at this age to develop positive attitudes towards dance and learning skills such as basic ballet barre exercises, alignment and body placement and technique. The fundamental work in Ballet, Tap and Jazz is introduced and revisited each week ultimately hoping to build muscle memory and technique to further the dancer’s progression and development. Students will advance based on individual development and should expect to spend at least 2yrs in each level before advancing. These classes perform 3 routines each in the recital. 

* Requires Revolution Ballet Shoes, Black Leather Tap Shoes and Tan or Black Jazz Shoes.

Please note: 1-2 years of previous ballet & tap or a minimum age of 7 is required to enroll in Junior 1.

Acrobatic Arts is a 12 part program consisting of 5 parts: Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Limbering and Tumbling. This class does not perform in the recital. It is strictly for building the muscles and building endurance. Classes will be split accordingly to the levels of current enrollment to ensure students maximum success and progression.

Students will learn cheerleading and high school drill team type movement and skills. This class focuses on flexibility, strength, and choreography which includes jumps, tricks, and eye-catching movements. Pom is a Dance FX specialty, as Miss Tanya was a former Iowa Barnstormer Cheerleader! This class will perform one routine in the recital.  Petite Pom – Ages 5-7, Jr. Pom – Ages 7-10, Elite Pom – Ages 11-up

Prerequisite: It is highly encouraged that students be enrolled in ballet/tap/jazz simultaneously

* Requires black or tan jazz shoes to start.

We will ALWAYS tell you, ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. It is highly recommended that students be enrolled in the appropriate level classes in ballet and jazz before enrolling in extra classes. But, we know that some students get a later start and have interest only in one or two styles. And, we have no problem with that! We applaud you for just wanting to dance with us and can’t wait to have you as a member of our DFX family!

Hip Hop classes are very popular with kids of all ages. Both boys and girls enjoy dancing to more of today’s radio hits as well as learning trendy, party style dances. We encourage freestyle and letting go of all inhibitions in Hip Hop class. Our studio is your safe place to dance it out!


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    My family. I love Dance FX and have since 2001, this studio has been my second family, my home away from home. I’ve made lifelong friendships.

    Mary Beth

    We have been blessed to be a part of Dance Fx for the last 5 years, my only regret is not finding this little gem of a studio sooner!! This is our home away from home and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

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    This Is one of the best places, been here for 13 years and now teaching ! Wouldnt trade DFX in for anywhere or anything ! It’s a family thing 

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